Tuna or tomatoes? Plant-based poke is the future

Big news for the gluten free and vegan community in Phoenix! We now have a 99% gluten free poke place that now also offers two plant-based proteins.

First of all, the wheat in soy sauces is no longer a threat for us at Ocean Poke, located at 36th Street and Indian School. Every one of their sauces is GF and the majority of the menu, including the acai chickpea waffle cone. So good!

Oceanhugger Food's Ahimi

Now, they’re the first in the state to offer Oceanhugger Food’s Ahimi, a tomato alternative that looks, feels and tastes a lot like raw tuna. Oceanhugger’s mission is to create sustainable plant-based alternatives to seafood after the owner saw warehouses full of tuna in Japan wondering how the ocean would ever keep up with our demand. Some experts say we can’t and that’s why the company wants to change people’s minds about plant-based foods.

Another vegan and vegetarian option at Ocean Poke is the cubed tofu. They do things differently here by smoking and marinating it. They also smoke and barrel age their soy sauce.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, you must stop by Ocean Poke and let me know what you think!

Poke bowl from Ocean Poke

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