Gluten Free in San Diego

Saaan Diaaahhhgo, the land of fresh seafood and TONS of gluten friendly options! Between the diverse beauty, multitude of things to do, lack of traffic and delicious food, San Diego has officially become my happy place! ❤

Petco Park

I surprised my baseball-loving boyfriend with tickets to the San Diego Padres / Arizona D-backs game (when the D-backs were still doing well) for our two year anniversary. So we got to visit Petco Park for the first time. WOW! I was so impressed, I was running around the stadium like a kid in a candy shop. The stadium is clean and beautiful and has so many unique features like a beer garden overlooking the field, a kids baseball diamond and most importantly – gluten free options! You can get wine out of a real (plastic) glass, GF pizza, tacos, fresh poke – it’s a GF baseball fan’s dream! I already can’t wait for next season so I can go back.

GF pizza at Petco ParkRose from an actual wine glass at Petco Park!img_4864

Until then, here are my favorite places for eating gluten free in SD:

Point Loma Seafoods – Americas Cup Harbor Point Loma Seafoods

Their motto is “the freshest thing in town” and it’s no lie. The longtime family-owned business sits as close to the fishing boats as possible, with a great view of the harbor and the San Diego skyline. They have a plenty of fresh and smoked fish, naturally gluten free and they will fry a fish without breading if you’re not super sensitive to a shared fryer. You can’t get better seafood and this should definitely be on your list!


Buona ForchettaSouth Park

The original location or its sister Officine Buona Forchetta in Liberty Station serves homemade gluten-free crust that is authentic as it comes! Every pizza can be ordered gluten-free for a $2 surcharge and are cooked in “Sergio,” a proprietary 900-degree wood-fired oven just for gluten-free items.


Rubicon Deli – Various Locations

This is usually my first stop after leaving the airport. I love a good GF sandwich and this place masters that. Hot or cold sandwiches can be served on a GF hoagie. The Crandie and Giddy Up are my favorites. The bummer: this place used to have GF cookies that came with every sandwich, but for whatever reason they are no longer gluten free.

Rubicon Deli


Hillcrest Farmer’s MarketHillcrest neighborhood

Make it a point to visit one of the best farmer’s markets in the cThe Brazilian Guys stuffed hashbrownsountry! Located in the eclectic neighborhood of Hillcrest, the market runs every Sunday from 9am to 2pm. Here you can find everything from green smoothies to grilled meats from South Africa. My favorite thing to eat is the stuffed hashbrowns from The Brazilian Guys. You can get a variety of savory fillings in a hashbrown, sweet potato, cassava or cheese bread crust. Seriously, so good! And if that’s not enough to get you there, the market has THREE different 100% gluten free baked goods booths. THREE!


Lucha Libre Taco ShopMission Hills, North Park and Carlsbad

Great quality and variety of tacos on corn tortillas.


Barbusa Little Italy

Delicious Sicilian food with several GF options, including pasta and pizza.



NapizzaLittle Italy

Pizza by the slice with one GF option daily.


Starry Lane BakeryHillcrest neighborhood

A 100% dedicated gluten free bakery.



There are so many amazing places to try in San Diego, this only scratches the surface! What are you favorites? Comment below!

San Diego

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