The 5 most Instagrammable spots in Arizona

With our cactus-lined streets and unearthly rock formations, Arizona is home to some major bucket-list attractions.

But visitors are coming for more than just the sunshine. They come for the photos!

Insta-traveling is a new phenomenon where people scout out locations just for the picture to share on social media.

Here are the top 5 most Instagram-able places in Arizona.

5. Camelback Mountain

You don’t have to travel far from Phoenix to find the mountain that’s number five on our list.

With several trails and easy access for visitors, Camelback Mountain is one of the most popular photo ops for hikers in the Valley.

4. Red Rocks of Sedona

arizona branches canyon daylight 

Drive north a few hours and you’ll find the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona.

Cathedral, Bell, Devil’s Bridge, the majestic rocks are unlike any others in the world.

The hot spots have become so popular, it’s hard to snag a pic without other people around you.

“Social media is the true Sedona,” said Jennifer Wesselhoff, president and CEO of Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau. “It’s what you hear from the locals, it’s what you see, it’s what you feel.”

3. Horseshoe Bend

Keep driving until the Arizona-Utah border and you’ll hit Horseshoe Bend.

This u-shaped selfie hot spot on the Colorado River can be accessed by a short hike.

A new viewing platform and railing will make it safer for visitors and it will be A.D.A accessible.

canyon cliff curve desert 

2. Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons 

A short drive away, you’ll find Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons.

You can see the underground slot canyons – formed by sandstone erosion – with a fairly easy hike, but a tour guide is required.

Guides say the tours have become more popular in recent years due to social media.

brown rock formation 

1. Grand Canyon

Last but not least, it’s only fitting one of the seven wonders of the world makes it to the top of our Instagram-able list.

More than 5 million people a year visit the Grand Canyon’s sweeping views and layers of rocks.

“It’s a natural creation of some phenomenon that makes you mystical,” said Pranav Amim, a visitor from Sacramento. “And that is so photogenic but also awe-inspiring.”

Only the lucky ones find the holy grail: The amazing blue-green waterfalls of Havasupai Falls. A permit is required before embarking on this 10-mile hike and it’s no surprise they sell out fast.

bird s eye view of a man on grand canyon mountain

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